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Bringing wild texture into the modern home.


At Rare Earth, we offer a focused range of interior design products, from consultation to installation. Our range creates a focal point in a modern space with a soulful elemental feeling.


 Exploring the connection of steel to stone, fire to wood, concrete to earth. Inspired by walking the mountains and rivers of the South Island in New Zealand. 


A range of modern steel and glass pieces that work individually as statement focal points or together in unison for a cohesive earthy and elemental tone.

Wall Panels

Expressive lightweight slabs of concrete that have bold texture and colouration to give an earthy grounded feeling for any modern space.

Growing Walls

Bringing a secret grove into your living space. A wall mounted framework that holds a hydroponic wafer which enables plants to grow vertically. 

Our Team.

After building our own home we can relate to the overwhelming design decisions there are to make. We realised that for many of our unusual ideas, there was no other way but to do it ourselves. This led to us imagining a simple range of project pieces inspired by our experience with interior design to bring that unique personal touch to elevate a home's soul and vibrancy. 



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